First Year Experience

LSA Students: Become a Digital Wolverine!

Join other members of the Class of 2022, and the U-M student organization WeListen, for the LSA Online Summer Reads

Get to know other new students. Engage in complex conversations across the political spectrum. Learn more about WeListen and the on campus dialogues this Fall.

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Additional Opportunities

  • FreshSpectives (Spectrum Center): FreshSpectives is a social group for LGBTQIA and similarly-identified first-year and transfer students to connect to community, support and resources.

Facilitate a UM Class in Fall 2018

ALA 471, “Leadership and Facilitation in Community Building,” prepares facilitators to facilitate a section of ALA 171 with a co-facilitator.  ALA 471 meets on Tuesdays from 3-5 pm, and gives 3 graded credits. ALA 171, “Making the Most of Michigan,” is a 7-week, 1-credit, (credit/no credit) seminar for first-year students in which we introduce resources and address questions such as Who am I?  With whom will I connect at Michigan? Where am I going?  How will I continue my learning beyond Michigan?

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