First Year Experience

Community Matters is hiring facilitators for Fall 2020!

First Year Experience (FYE) is hiring student facilitators for our Community Matters workshops, Relationship Remix and Change it Up! Relationship Remix and Change it Up! are 90-minute workshops that support incoming undergraduate students in developing skills to prevent, address, and repair harm in their communities. These programs use primary, secondary, and tertiary violence prevention frameworks to guide students through their reflection on these topics.

Additional Opportunities

  • FreshSpectives (Spectrum Center): FreshSpectives is a social group for LGBTQIA and similarly-identified first-year and transfer students to connect to community, support and resources.

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Connect with Virtual Programs

Virtual programs to support you:

  • Money Management Mondays 

  • Time Management Tuesdays 

  • Wellness Wednesdays

  • Study Table Thursdays 

You can also request a 1:1 peer-led program at a time that works for you!

Upcoming Virtual Events