FYE Student Advisory Board



The FYE Student Advisory Board, made up of students experiencing their first year and students recently out of their first year, will serve as liaison to the first year community, amplifying the needs of first year students and proposing program ideas that will address those needs.  The Advisory Board will attend approximately monthly meetings where they will review, react to, and provide feedback on FYE's program ideas, content, processes, and delivery modes.


The Board is composed of 8-10 first-year, second-year, and transfer students representing multiple identities, diverse experiences, and a range of involvement and interest in co-curricular experiences at the University of Michigan.


Student members are expected to make a minimum of an academic year commitment and attend Student Advisory Board meetings approximately bi-weekly during the academic year and kickoff/closing meetings each semester.


The application for 2022-2023 will be available at a later date along with the meeting schedule. In the meantime, we encourage you to share your interest in the board with us by filling out the interest form.

Benefits to Members

The FYE Advisory Board serves as a space for students to build community with one another and hone skills in advocacy, critical thinking, and program development. Members will gain experience providing feedback and working in collaboration with other students as well as University staff. Members will have access to staff with a variety of educational and occupational backgrounds and will become acquainted with the roles and responsibilities of Higher Ed professionals.

 Meetings 2022-2023: The meeting schedule for 2022-2023 has not been determined. 

2022-2023 Interest Form