First Year Experience

First Year Experience (FYE) implements programs on a variety of topics focused on supporting first-year and transfer students through their transition to the University of Michigan. These programs are interactive, facilitated virtually, and can be requested for a group and/or individual basis. See the programs offered and how to request them below!

Virtual Programs

The programs below can be requested for a group or on an individual basis at the bottom of this page.

  • Wolverine 101: Do you have questions about being a Wolverine? Talk to other students to get your questions answered! Join us for an informal Q&A session where you can connect with students, learn about campus resources, the U-M student experience, and more!


  • Taking Care of Maize and You!: Are you looking to meet new people and connect with others? Join us for some fun focused on self-care and community building! We’ll practice self-care strategies, participate in a gratitude scavenger hunt, and play virtual games!


  • Time Management: How do you manage your time while working virtually? In this program, we assess how you currently spend your time, set goals for how you want to spend your time in the future, and take steps to get there. Learn how to create a structure and schedule for yourself while working remotely and find ways to create a productive learning space for yourself at home. Additionally, get tips to effectively manage your time to be successful academically, personally, and organizationally!


  • Money Management: Do you want to build money management skills? Examine your spending habits and identify your financial goals to begin establishing your financial priorities, wants, and needs. Get tips on how to organize your expenses, access to easy-to-use budgeting tools, and learn about different types of expenses and income that are present during the college student experience!


  • Prioritize Wellness: With the many changes surrounding virtual learning at U-M, it is important to practice wellness and self care to balance your student experience. Prioritizing your wellness is just as important as prioritizing your academics! Join us as we learn about the 8 dimensions of wellness, develop skills to manage the feelings and experiences you may be going through, and learn about resources to support you on your wellness journey. All the tools we share will be applicable to everyone who is working remotely! 


  • Funds of Knowledge: Using a strengths-based approach, we explore what knowledge and skills you bring from your homes, families, and/or communities to U-M. This interactive workshop helps deepen your understanding of your personal background, identities, and experiences in relation to how you can thrive as a student, all while learning from other students' experiences too. Identifying the funds of knowledge you carry can be used as a tool of empowerment as you navigate higher education and achieve your goals!


  • Navigating Your Involvement: Do you want to get involved on campus? Would you like to make friends, connect to a community, support a cause, build skills outside of the classroom, and more? There are so many ways to get involved on campus, and this program will get you started on finding ways you can do that! By reflecting on your past experiences and identifying your personal interests, we can support you through navigating the various opportunities at the University of Michigan. This includes finding organizations, community programs, and/or initiatives that align with your experiences and interests.  


Would you like to participate in these programs? Fill out our FYE Program Request Form! Students, staff, and faculty are welcome to request these programs through the links below:


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Create Your Learning Space

Whether you are attending classes online or just need a place to read, it's important to set yourself up for success. Check out these tips, curated by First Year Experience program facilitators, to help create your own productive learning space - no matter where you are.

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