FYE Opportunities

Michigan Meetups

Are you interested in meeting more people? Looking for a weekly social hour to connect with others? Or perhaps you are looking to connect with people who share a mutual interest as you?

Michigan Meetups will resume in September 2022. This upcoming Fall semester, FYE will provide space for undergraduate students to meet people who are also looking to meet people.Topics for interest-based one-time meetups include arts & crafts, games, personal development, and more! 

FYE Student Advisory Board

The FYE Student Advisory Board, made up of students experiencing their first year and students recently out of their first year, will serve as liaison to the first year community, amplifying the needs of first year students and proposing program ideas that will address those needs.  The Advisory Board will attend approximately monthly meetings where they will review, react to, and provide feedback on FYE's program ideas, content, processes, and delivery modes.