First Year Experience

Take the Courses: Things to Know

At the University of Michigan, we are committed to your personal and professional development and that of your peers – in the classroom and the community. To better prepare you and all our new students to manage your transition to campus and help reduce your risk for personal harm while you are a member of this community and later in life, we have joined many top schools in the country in requiring AlcoholEdu for College, Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates, and Sexual Assault Prevention Ongoing Education as important components of our alcohol prevention initiatives and the education and support services related to sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, sexual harassment, and stalking.

What are AlcoholEdu and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates?

AlcoholEdu and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates are online education programs for all incoming students. They are interactive, online programs designed to inform students about alcohol and sexual assault issues. The confidential, research-based courses provide students with accurate information in a non-judgmental tone and provides personalized feedback that encourages students to consider their own decisions and those of their peers.

BOTH courses AND course modules must be completed to fulfill this requirement.

What is Sexual Assault Prevention Ongoing Education?

Sexual Assault Prevention Ongoing Education is an online education program for all continuing undergraduate students to refresh and update on this issue and related campus policies and resources.

To take any of the three courses, please click on the button below. 

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Other Important Information:

  • You will need Internet access and audio capabilities.
  • To avoid technical issues, please use any major web browser released within the previous two years.
  • You may take the course(s) in multiple sittings.
  • Should you experience problems, technical support is available 24/7 and can be accessed from the “Help” link within the course. 
  • The courses may include surveys to help personalize your experience and measure students’ attitudes and behaviors. All survey responses are confidential; the school will only receive information about the student body as a whole and will never see individual students’ answers.
  • Completing the course early increases your chances for winning incentives such as a gift card to U-M Computer Showcase, local food coupons, movies and more.

Troubleshooting Recommended Solutions

  • Avoid using Internet Explorer, if possible. 
  • View the Troubleshooting Guide - PDF
  • Avoid having multiple browsers open during the course (i.e. not playing music, not logged into iTunes, Facebook, or any other website or application).
  • Should you experience problems, technical support is available 24/7 and can be accessed from the “Help” link within the course. 
  • Please contact the Community Matters Team for further inquiries: