First Year Experience

Peer educators from the University of Michigan’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC) and the University Health Service’s Sexperteam group conduct Relationship Remix: Workshops on Relationships, Sex, and Choice every fall semester for all first-year students throughout every residence hall on campus, including sessions for off-campus students. Participants are given the opportunity to reflect upon personal values, discuss healthy relationships, and practice skills related to consent. 

Workshops will be coming to your Residence Hall in September and October! Talk with your RA for more information, and look to your email for a link to register for your session!

Check out the video to see the experiences of past participants.

What happens during a Relationship Remix workshop? You will:

  • Think about decision-making from your own value system
  • Learn to demonstrate your values through your behavior in relationships
  • Define what a healthy relationship looks like for you
  • Develop communication skills
  • Develop consent skills
  • Develop sexual health skills, understand sexual assault, and gain awareness of campus resources

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Where can I sign up for Relationship Remix?

A. The schedule for Relationship Remix sessions will be available mid-August. Please check back then. You will also receive the schedule and the session for your building [if you live on campus] in September from My First Year Experience.

Q) Can I go to another session other than the one I received in the email?

A. Yes. You can go to any session you would like to in any building as long as the session isn’t full.

Q) Can I arrive/leave early from sessions?

A. No. Your attendance will not be tracked if you arrive more than 15 min after the workshop start time. 

Q) What time should I arrive for the workshop?

A. The workshops will BEGIN on the hour, however students are STRONGLY encouraged to arrive early.

Q) I think I already went to Relationship Remix - do I have to go again?

A. No Students have attended Relationship Remix early this year, so please make sure to sign up for a session.