First Year Experience

As part of your First Year Experience, the Office of Student Conflict Resolution (OSCR), Ginsberg Center, and University Housing have teamed up to share opportunities for you to explore Living In Community in your first year at Michigan. In order to make the most of your year, we invite you to explore the following resources and opportunities:

  • Community Service Advising at the Ginsberg Center can help you explore Living In Community outside campus through conversations that match your skills, passions, and interests with community service experiences via one-on-one customizable sessions with our advisors.

  • Conflict Resolution Workshops at OSCR can support your learning about Living In Community through topics like Conflict Styles Inventory (30 minutes), Recognizing Conflict (15 minutes), Conflict Resolution Communication Skills (30 minutes), Culture and Conflict (45 minutes).

  • One-on-One Conflict Resolution Services at OSCR from Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm can guide you through the conflict that sometimes results from Living In Community, with or without an appointment.

  • Conversations with your Hall Director or RA can help you explore the resources available to you on campus and guide you through some of the challenges and concerns that arise from Living In Community.

We’re here for you as you explore what it means to be Living In Community and encourage you to contact us and visit our websites (below) for more information about ways to engage!