First Year Experience

In September, incoming undergraduate students for Fall 2022 (all first-year and transfer students) will receive information about a required webinar on topics related to building inclusive and supportive communities. Community Matters: A Virtual Guide to Real Relationships shares education on:

  • Creating Healthy Communities 
  • Encouraging Community Members to take Accountability
  • Taking Accountability for Ourselves
  • Supporting Community Members who have Experienced Harm

This course will be available on Canvas in September. If you are have trouble accessing the course, email



Community Matters: A Virtual Guide to Real Relationships is being offered in 2022-2023 as a virtual alternative to two in-person programs that are normally implemented each Fall. Students attend Relationship Remix and Change it Up! in groups of 60 in workshops facilitated by peers. These workshops provide content on healthy relationships and bystander intervention which have been translated to the webinar format for this year. First Year Experience looks forward to offering these workshops again in the future when it is possible to host large workshops in-person.