First Year Experience

Change it Up! brings bystander intervention skills to first-year students for the purpose of building safe, inclusive, and respectful communities. Change it Up! is based on a nationally recognized four-step bystander intervention model that will develop your skills and confidence when intervening in harmful situations. Change it Up! explores how your identities and experiences impact your interactions inside and outside of the classroom.

Through interactive theatre with the Educational Theatre Company (ETC), you will get the chance to apply the four steps to real-life scenarios and have an opportunity to practice and talk about how you can leverage these skills in different parts of your life.

Change it Up! workshops will be coming to a location near you in the beginning of October.  Connect with your RA or DPE to learn more about it and look out for information in your inbox to signup for a session!



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Can I go to another session other than the one I received in the email?

A. Yes. You can go to any session you would like to in at any location as long as the session isn’t full.

Q) Can I arrive/leave early from sessions?

A. No. Your attendance will not be tracked if you arrive more than 15 min after the workshop start time. 

Q) What time should I arrive for the workshop?

A. The workshops will BEGIN on the hour, however students are STRONGLY encouraged to arrive early.

Q) I think I already went to Change it Up! - do I have to go again?

A. Only MLead students will have already attended Change it Up! before the semester begins. Everyone else must still attend. If you believe you are receiving emails about registering and you shouldn't be, please email: